Containers Marketing Page

Client: IBM Bluemix Container Service
Date: July 2017
Services: Web Design, UI

I was tasked with redesigning our marketing page, as seen below on the left. This page lacked personality, informational hierarchy, and contained too much unnecessary text. I decided to swap out the outdated imagery with bold colors and shots of our UI to compliment whats most important. I kept the redesign clean and simple, adding a pop of color to draw attention to certain areas. I arranged the information in a way that will be easier for the viewer to navigate and understand.

User Experience

The original Marketing Page had way too much text. I weeded through all that information and pulled what I felt was the most important to our user, and organized it in order of importance. Adding new sections requested by our user, and testing those out.

Design & Craft

I structured this page to navigate the user through the information without any distraction. Through simple illustrations/icons to accent the information, users who are quickly scanning the content can quickly find the info they are looking for.