IBM Containers Logo

Client: IBM Bluemix Container Service
Date: January 2017
Services: Logo, Branding, Identity

01. Goal

To create a logo, identity, and personality that represents the new IBM Bluemix Container Service.

A logo that will meet and exceed the highly competitive and visual market. A mark that can be used on a wide range of materials at any size without losing legibility.


Creating a unique logo that stands out against our competition but also stays true to the IBM brand.

02. Process

Research, Sketch, Render, Repeat.

I start every project with research. Looking into what already exists in the market, digging through loads of inspiration, and thinking of ways to design a mark that stands out against what our competitors are doing. After gathering this information I start sketching, taking notes, vectorizing, reiterating and coming up with new concepts.


Below is what exists in the market today & the inspiration I gathered into a mood board

03. Final deliverable

Feedback, Polish, & Color.

After many feedback sessions with my team, I polish up the final design, pick the colors, and create the different variations to be used across different mediums.

HEX        #0F6593

RGB         15 54 89

CMYK      100% 80% 39% 32%

HEX        #0bcfd8

RGB         11 207 216

CMYK      65% 0% 20% 0%